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There’s Always Room For One More

A multigenerational friendship at bloom

When I was a kid I only had a few close friends. That’s all I needed and all I wanted. As

I’ve grown older, I’ve decided that a few close friends are definitely great, but there is

always room for more. Sometimes I choose someone I’ve already met and draw her

closer to become better friends. But sometimes people just fall into my lap, so to

speak. Sometimes I don’t even realize how much I needed this person until they are

actually smack in the middle of my life.

My friend Maggie is twenty-five, a year younger than my oldest son. That means she is

(Ugh!) young enough to be my daughter. I count her mother as a friend with

opportunity for growth. I could never be friends with someone more than a quarter of

a century younger than me! What would we talk about?

I had never considered Maggie as a potential friend. I hardly knew her. Our relationship

had matured to a smile and a wave at church, and a greeting as we stood in line at our

local coffee shop. Until that fateful Sunday morning. Why is it that Sunday mornings

can be so revelationary? (Note: revelationary-Of, or relating to something that causes

a revelation in oneself, or any situation.)

I had begun teaching the Pre-K crowd at our church, with one Sunday under my belt. I’d

taught the kid version of Sunday School for ages, so I wasn’t stressed. I pulled out my

routine and adjusted it for my new class. Then Maggie strolled into my room and

skyrocketed my blood pressure.

I had not asked for a co-teacher, so I was surprised at Maggie’s announcement. “I’m

your new teaching partner. Isn’t that great?” Why did a seasoned teacher need a


God had a plan, and my “helper” became the best help I never knew I needed. As

Maggie and I got to know each other, I was amazed at how much we have in common.

We both love the TV show “Friends”, we both are kind of nerdy but in a cool way (or in

our minds anyway). We are laid back and don’t stress easily. Maggie had just graduated

college and began her master’s degree, so we talked college and careers. As our

connections deepened, I started to believe we’d known each other for ages. I kept

forgetting she’d barely screeched past twenty.

Our church hired Maggie to be our children’s coordinator, which fit perfectly with her

master’s degree in Children’s Ministry and her love of God and all things kid. Many of us

have a bucket full of opinions and ideas for our Children’s Ministry, and Maggie is

always receptive. We collaborated on a church wide children’s event, which was pure

joy. And I completed Maggie’s six-week class to learn the ukulele.

I’m so thankful God has put this delightful young lady in my life, and I am grateful that I

kept my heart open to new friends. I would have missed out on so many blessings if I’d

discounted her friendship in any way. I am grateful God pointed out to me that there is

always room for one more friend in my life, and that friends come in all shapes and

sizes—and generations.


Jann Franklin is a faith-based cozy mystery writer attracting readers who enjoy twisty Southern mysteries with a touch of romance and a dose of humor.

Her books offer mysteries in Louisiana with curious clues and characters who exasperate as much as they endear.

Learn More about Jann and her books at


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