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Hey! So Glad You're Here.

My name is Brandy Bostick and I am the author of the fun-loving children's book Mingo and Ringo: Find Sibling Love and the Christian podcast host to the Up from the Muck Podcast. I live in my home town West Monroe, Louisiana with wonderful husband, Caleb, and amazing son, Asher. When I'm not writing or podcasting, I enjoy doing all things arts and crafts (Hello Cricut!),binging tv shows with my husband, and hosting game nights with family and friends.

I created this blog/podcast in order to share where God has brought people "up from the muck". I specifically do not want to focus on the polished endings that most people see, but rather the mucky middle of their story. By doing this, it is my hope that others can more clearly see HOW God works. 


I attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary 2012-2013 and obtained 20 hours in the courses of: The Ministry of Education, Biblical Hermeneutics, Social Recreation (Introduction to Recreation Ministries), Principles of Biblical Counseling, Contemporary Evangelism, New Testament 1 (the gospels), and Spiritual Formation 1 &2. 

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